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1 Door Digital Freezer, 670lt (-22 / -15)

Superior Performance With Exceptional Recovery For High Volume Electric Frying

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1 Door Digital Freezer, 670lt (-22 / -15)

Full door freezer with internal and external structure in 304 AISI stainless steel; external back panel in galvanized steel and bottom panel in anti- corrosive material. Digital control with cabinet temperature display and setting and manual activation of defrost cycle. Fully compliant HACCP digital controls include visible alarms. Optimized back to front forced air flow provides even temperature distribution and fast cooling in any conditions. Fitted with 75 mm-thick cyclopentane insulating foam. On-site reversible door features lock and door microswitch to switch off the fan when the door is opened. Hidden evaporator to guarantee higher storage capacity and less corrosion problems. Built-in refrigeration unit; ventilated operation; automatic defrost and evaporation of defrost water. For ambient temperatures up to 43 °C. CFC and HCFC free. R404a gas in refrigeration circuit.

Supplied with n. 3×2/1GN Rilsan coated grids and n. 3 sets of 2 stainless steel grid runners. Certified as Class 6 by CECED Italia energy classification. Prearranged to fit RS485 port to facilitate connection to a remote computer and integrated HACCP systems

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