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Blanco Induction Tray Systems

Superior Performance With Exceptional Recovery For High Volume Electric Frying

Standard Features

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Standard Accessories

Blanco Induction Tray Systems

Blanco Induction Tray Systems

Blanco lightweight induction tray system allows you to have the convenience of food staying at a stable temperature longer while dinning.
Blanco Induction tray with non-skid coating:

  • The individual dishes can be conveniently moved around on the tray
  • Suitable for hot and cold food, prevents rapid heat or cold losses
  • Made of synthetic, stainless steel


  • Coated soup cup
  • Salad/dessert bowl
  • Induction cloche
  • Coated plate
  • Lid for soup cup


  • Tray offering ideal convenience for the person who is dining
  • Holds cold and hot temperatures longer
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Minimum contamination

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