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Clean-Up Cart

Superior Performance With Exceptional Recovery For High Volume Electric Frying

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Clean-Up Cart

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The full cart is the one that appears in this image. That means that is has the top hood with its sliding locking doors, has locking doors on both cart sides, has caddies and bins as standard, has internal shelves, a lid over the bag and all the other special items noted in the brochure. Thats the full deal.

But thats not the end of it because there are options available. Not everyone wants the top hood. Some may want two bags. Others want to dispense with the internal shelves and so on. Its up to the user as to what they can buy. So talk to us if your customer wants an option.

Oh, and one other thing. Buying a cart is like going to buy furniture that has to be assembled. Carts have to be assembled. They are supplied in a carton ready for construction. Its not particularly difficult. Just follow the instructions. But you may not want or may not have the time to or the staff to allocate to building the carts for your customer. Well, well do it for you. As long as youre in a metro area serviced by one of our branches, for a mere $35 well assemble the cart for you and deliver it ready to go. Now thats a good deal.

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