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Custom Extractor Hood

Superior Performance With Exceptional Recovery For High Volume Electric Frying

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Custom Extractor Hood

By looking at the image of this product, it looks pretty straight forward. Which it is in terms of the fabrication and installation. Though the story behind it is rather complicated and bizarre. We wont go into it in full, though this is on the roof of one of Sydney’s most prestigious restaurants.

A number of the neighbours had reported to the local council that the black soot coming from this char grill extractor was blowing onto their homes. Which by all means it probably was. I can tell you first hand that it was very sticky and took forever just to get my hands clean again. The council demanded that something be done about it.

The restaurant started looking into new extractors and a whole range of other solutions which all proved far too costly. When they finally spoke to us we suggested this option which funnels the exhaust thus coming out at a higher pressure and shooting further into the air. Staring down the barrel of replacing their extractor at a cost of over $100K, they thought it was worth a shot.

To their surprise it worked, whilst we knew it would do what we said it would, we all still believed that it would still blow onto the neighbours property hopefully alot less. Still to this day it is in place and working. The neighbours haven’t complained to the council since and the restaurant has become a very loyal customer perhaps due to the fact that we saved them so much money.

We just feel sorry for the neighbours three doors down, they must be getting covered with this mysterious black gunk and not knowing what it is or where it is coming from!

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