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Low Water Cut Off Switch and Drain Kit

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Low Water Cut Off Switch and Drain Kit

Low Water Cut Off Switch and Drain Kit

Low water cut off switch is a highly recommended optional accessory. The switch is to ensure that the pump turns off when the water supply is interrupted. This can easily happen if the hose is disconnected for other use  or you accidently park on the hose. So to avoid accidently damaging the pump we recommend that the switch be installed.

Available for the Jetstream 1600 and 2400 models and 24,36 and 48 units.

Drain Kit. We have been installing the drain kit in most of our units over the past 2 years. we have found that it not only makes draining the water simpler but also is a good reminder to drain the unit. By draining the water more regularly it helps maintain water quality and extends the life of the Kuul pads and unit. the drain kit is also recommend to be installed when fitting a Low water cut off switch.

Available for the 24, 36 and 48″ units

If you need more information on these accessories please contact our sales team.

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