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Pallet Racking

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Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is a highly specialised product and is best left to the experts. Making sure you get the most suitable components for your warehouse is critical. Apart from having a wide selection of different styles of racking available, then comes the technical side of it such as load ratings, capacity, height settings, safe working loads & meeting Australian standards.

Aside from all the basic parts of pallet racking such as height, width & depth of bays, there is then different beams for different load capacities. As well as a huge range of components such as barrel chocks, mesh bins, mesh decking, compliance signs, skid channels, upright protectors & column guards just to name a few.

Yearly inspections should also be carried out by a certified expert to make sure your racking is up to standard. These inspections should be taken very seriously. Not only are they to protect your stock from damage, more importantly they can prevent accidents & injury to your staff.

We strongly recommend that before you purchase or even move or adjust anything to do with your racking that you speak to us first. Contact us today for our free site inspection & recommendation service.


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