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Platform Picking Trolley

Superior Performance With Exceptional Recovery For High Volume Electric Frying

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Platform Picking Trolley

This custom trolley is very unique. I was designed due to two main factors that the client required.

They had made an oversight as to the design and layout of their facility. Whilst they had maximised their storage capacity they were unable to get any standard size picking trolley around from one isle into the next. They had not left enough of a turning circle. Usually we would have been able to remove the last bay on every isle except this racking multi tier racking spanned accross four levels and could not be done.

We designed this trolley so it could be split into two parts each was small enough to just fit in the turning circle into the next isle. One both part were into the desired isle they would locate & lock back together. If you look closley at the image you will see a lever under the platform of the right hand piece. This once pulled seperated them again to complete the next turn.

The second major design point was the castor wheels. Usually this would not require much thought. Though again in this facility the multi tier racking mezanine levels had grated floors. We knew normal castor wheels were going to cause massive amounts of vibration for the user pushing the trolley as well as a very loud noise. Our initial thought was to use pnuematic wheels but after testing the vibration was still far to much for continual daily use. We finally were able to locate a foam wheel with a plastic hub. These worked sufficiently they still did vibrate though they took the impact far better than any other option.

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